FaZe Jarvis

FaZe Jarvis
FaZe Jarvis

Pro Boxer

  • Omar Barakat
    Omar Barakat

    Jarvis: I am banned now and I can't play fortnite anymore and have fun Me: PLAY THE GAME WITHOUT POSTING IT ON ISnets

  • Alejandro Castro
    Alejandro Castro

    Jarvis this names will beat your ass Jake paul Ksi Logan paul Bryce hall Every boxer can whoop your ass up so stop flexing that you are the demand tier Stooooppppppppppp flexing

  • Cworldboy

    jarvis 2020:i like ya cut g

  • Jeff Canpoo
    Jeff Canpoo

    Disc from one percent called you out

  • Patricia gabes
    Patricia gabes

    Yo Sommery Roasted Hannah

  • Patricia gabes
    Patricia gabes

    Yo Hannah Roasted Sommery

  • Patricia gabes
    Patricia gabes

    Who else doesn't know what to say in the comments

  • Malakiwe Nikelo
    Malakiwe Nikelo

    This is why you got banned on fortnite bro😤😤

  • Irene Troncoso
    Irene Troncoso

    #free Jarvis

  • mohamed abuelhassan
    mohamed abuelhassan

    faze sheesh and i did a trickshot just for jarvis for him to be unbanned

  • Malik Sultan Mahmood
    Malik Sultan Mahmood

    faze sway / the guy who killed jarvis in this vid/ the black knight it baisicallt epic games

  • Lucien Berkhuijsen
    Lucien Berkhuijsen


  • Rebecca Delves
    Rebecca Delves


  • Хажуу_айлийн Баян_Батаа
    Хажуу_айлийн Баян_Батаа

    I curse u ur tree house will get hit by thunder

  • Sarah Coackley
    Sarah Coackley

    Haven't uploaded in a while.......

  • IanpecanGaming


  • Candies Delight 2
    Candies Delight 2


  • Mayo Jeff
    Mayo Jeff

    2:25 ayo????????????

  • paist rypz
    paist rypz

    Are you ok where did you go

  • Christian Vaught
    Christian Vaught

    Faze Kay is dog water at fortnite

  • icey donut
    icey donut

    6:25 uhh look down the Twitter thing and it’s says “Jarvis is sexy but that shit busted “ like tf

  • Short_robin3

    Or, UK vs SA, I would knock you out in 1 punch

  • TJ 10k):
    TJ 10k):

    There cussing

  • Cj Otersen
    Cj Otersen

    jarvis career accolades. banned from fortnite,knocks someone out,gets suspended

  • محمد / mohammed
    محمد / mohammed


  • Arturo Pliego
    Arturo Pliego

    I am your next challenger even tho I am 9 I still beat u up 🥊🥊

  • Sharon Hughes
    Sharon Hughes

    Jarvis is a legend

  • Munier Dien
    Munier Dien

    i love you jarvis

  • Ghostツ




  • crxzy doge
    crxzy doge

    He won one match against someone who has probably never boxed in his life, and now thinks he knows everything

  • coolrockguy1000 I
    coolrockguy1000 I


  • Astro

    Why man...why

  • Larry Aguilar
    Larry Aguilar

    imagine this men got banned on fortnite bc u deafet micheal le

  • Luca Ka
    Luca Ka


  • false

    Rich and scamming? Why.

  • DC.brothers


  • Norolain Batabor
    Norolain Batabor

    Im just joking i love faze jarvis

  • Patricia gabes
    Patricia gabes

    Roses are red,violets are blue we just got click baited and gave him a view

  • whatplayer1

    Hacker XD

  • Ellie Connors
    Ellie Connors

    amazing charlie replied to you

  • Sneakstingray19 Alic
    Sneakstingray19 Alic

    Bro u should react to born different by bck

  • YellowStickManAnimator / Gamer
    YellowStickManAnimator / Gamer

    Yess this game i love it cookie clicker

  • Kyron Mitchell
    Kyron Mitchell

    You have 25 he haves 5 lol that b*** lil

  • Rahee Ahmed
    Rahee Ahmed

    Just as you were getting big, you had to go and mess it up. ScamTheKids more like

  • Frxnzy

    “Logan didn’t lose against mayweather then lost to KSI” it’s the other way round ya mug, Logan V KSI 2 was years ago

  • Patricia gabes
    Patricia gabes

    Love the music video dude its so lit 🔥

  • Kreeck Bois
    Kreeck Bois


  • Waffles

    this kid thinks his the best because he won one match lmao

  • atiku munkaila
    atiku munkaila

    I don't know how he did it but *DIONTOOLS* his the best he did mine perfectly. I'm back on the move 🙂 he's absolutely the best💯

  • atiku munkaila
    atiku munkaila

    I don't know how he did it but *DIONTOOLS* his the best he did mine perfectly. I'm back on the move 🙂 he's absolutely the best💯

  • atiku munkaila
    atiku munkaila

    I don't know how he did it but *DIONTOOLS* his the best he did mine perfectly. I'm back on the move 🙂 he's absolutely the best💯

  • Suede

    Homie, your brother got kicked out of faze and you have the audacity to not talk about it.. he brought you to the US to be with the faze members, and this is how you repay him? He was manipulated, and you can't even cover up for him... I love what your doing bro, but that's your blood.

  • Reyda

    When trying to save the kids becomes a scam so you kidnap them instead ☠️

  • Map gt
    Map gt

    Ripjarvis banned :(

  • Jonahahh

    best song fr

  • ARJP Home
    ARJP Home

    What on earth was that..

  • MjGaming

    Jarvis love your vid I hope that you get unban #freefortJarvis

  • Lucas Werenich
    Lucas Werenich

    i just randomly clicked on this video and it turns 2 years old today wow

  • Marcel Paim
    Marcel Paim

    somebody here in 2021 july

  • Jhi Poulter
    Jhi Poulter

    Mans career more up and down then a pump and dump

  • Daniel Xian✓
    Daniel Xian✓


  • GodMode

    Jarvis is like save the kids coin, he’s down bad.

  • Nick Mandl
    Nick Mandl

    joker isnt a superhero no hate

  • 張浩然 Cheung Ho Yin 2E 02
    張浩然 Cheung Ho Yin 2E 02

    at 1:51 Logan paul dudes comes 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • BLAZ3 Clan
    BLAZ3 Clan

    jake paul go for the one two hey jake eat some po po

  • herkku racing
    herkku racing

    That was sick knockout

  • L0xB0YxALX


  • PrettyShocking

    I swear he always making bad choices. (I don’t know who didn’t do the scam and who did so don’t blame me)

  • Goku

    wait are the bleeping out megga

  • Snowyvo YT
    Snowyvo YT

    You should play strucid

  • Nikolas Garrett
    Nikolas Garrett

    For 2021 ✅ it’s ok ok

  • Nikolas Garrett
    Nikolas Garrett

    Always wear a mask ✅

  • Nikolas Garrett
    Nikolas Garrett

    I get it ok

  • Nikolas Garrett
    Nikolas Garrett

    Just for you to under stand ok telling the truth is ok ok

  • Nikolas Garrett
    Nikolas Garrett

    For liberty kids