Virgin Gets His First Date Ever
Helping A Virgin Get His First Date Ever @FrenchieFries @FaZe Kay @TeaWap

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  • The Random YouTuber
    The Random YouTuber

    Jesus, I lost mine at 13.

  • FaZe Perkzz
    FaZe Perkzz


  • T.O.G.

    That boy Kevin

  • JUUL3 edits
    JUUL3 edits

    I feel like this was a joke but it was a really realistic one

  • Pet3yy

    “For the kids body count is how many girls you dated” LMAOOO The kids are about to walk up to the parents saying hey mom what’s your bodycount LOLL

  • aragamer ara
    aragamer ara

    Having a friend with jarvis is really lucky

  • RxsesOnRBLX

    When they had Kevin put an earpiece and do what they said that gave me Impractical Jokers vibes

  • ChillPlayer

    FrenchieFries will do it

  • Lustrial Dxwn
    Lustrial Dxwn

    why is jarvis not the virgin in the vid O_O jarvis are you getting action

  • Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore
    Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore

    6:40 bruh

  • Mae and j
    Mae and j

    Ya keviiin

  • Samuel Nasir
    Samuel Nasir

    This was tough to watch

  • zinks duh
    zinks duh


  • Black

    So did he lose it?

  • Cameron Spinale
    Cameron Spinale

    Letsss goooo Kevin

  • Vertify

    My guy let’s go

  • Adelbum 11
    Adelbum 11

    Jarvis in Fraser the virginity killers lol

  • Reflections

    wait but is jarvis a virgin?

  • Gavganburns 1
    Gavganburns 1


  • wanna be mustafi
    wanna be mustafi

    The outro thoo😂😂

  • laqu

    What rolex is it?

  • Henri Treimann
    Henri Treimann

    Alternative title: try not to cringe

  • Geraldo Moran
    Geraldo Moran

    Me : sees the caption at the end of the video……..unsuscribes 😏😏😏

  • 𝗤𝘂𝗮𝗱𝗲

    Bruh Kev is so clueless I feel so bad haha.

  • 𝗤𝘂𝗮𝗱𝗲

    This is cringe

  • 33BossMode


  • Prayash

    I almost died from choking because he only went to girls with boyfriend’s

  • YT Slick
    YT Slick

    thank god i am subscribed lol



  • Mustafa Koksal
    Mustafa Koksal

    Jarvis aren't you a virgin?

  • Kat C
    Kat C

    Let’s goooooo😎

  • phyco hawk
    phyco hawk

    bro what the hell happened to family freindly bro these guys are really talking about being a virgin i aint a vigin i stopped being one at 7

  • Omar Beast
    Omar Beast



    bruh this is borderline bullying 😭

  • OVO

    3:29 I’m sleep lmao 😂

  • SplashZero

    Nice good job🤓

  • MSF Viine
    MSF Viine

    Kevin kinda fresh tho

  • Mas Plays
    Mas Plays

    She is gay whatt!!

  • HudBud playz
    HudBud playz

    1:56 look at the bottom left

  • shod

    4:12 gots to see it through

  • Dãmàríè Š
    Dãmàríè Š

    Yessssssssssssssssssssssssss Kevin yes sir i so happy

  • EeEe EeEe
    EeEe EeEe

    hired actors 🙄

  • Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II
    Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

    2:37 i’m dead bro

  • lol it’s Carter
    lol it’s Carter

    Kevin literally turned her down smhhhh

  • Xerneas 23
    Xerneas 23

    4:48 i cant plssss lmfaoo

  • Xerneas 23
    Xerneas 23

    2:29 im dying lmfao

  • Naaboomy

    Frenchy fries

  • Jagger Austin
    Jagger Austin

    That sweat thooooo...

  • Octane YT
    Octane YT

    Wait so Jarvis ain’t a virgin ayo😳😏

  • Heh your mom
    Heh your mom

    Get got the best girl a Mexican girl

  • Timeless-Agent


  • Skell

    Tommy innit needs this

  • Skell

    Mr sealyoting

  • Tristen jackson
    Tristen jackson

    Them kids when they grow up oh so that’s what mommy was talking about I’m a teen but my brothers are they know a lot

  • RuFtIkU alex
    RuFtIkU alex

    Bruh I saw kavins channel and he doesn’t where that kind of stuff like in the start of the vid


    imagine having a friend like that tho

  • Sam Freddy Icarly
    Sam Freddy Icarly

    man fenchies fries is in love with building

  • That Korean Boy
    That Korean Boy

    LES GO!!!

  • Paulette Martinez
    Paulette Martinez

    Michael is better

    • Paulette Martinez
      Paulette Martinez

      @Javi Beats idc

    • Javi Beats
      Javi Beats

      ur a fetus

  • Kraxqs

    By far one of the best videos on ISnets I like when you have tewap and yourself narrorating

  • LaPlaqua

    Is that a tap out shirt

  • isightstrue

    i almost cringed to death

  • Maxamed Bashiir
    Maxamed Bashiir

    Man cringe

  • Daeton Young
    Daeton Young

    Did he lose his virginity?

  • Ashley Slade
    Ashley Slade


  • Ethan Matthews
    Ethan Matthews

    i think i just died of cringe

  • papipapi Gaming and editz
    papipapi Gaming and editz

    me laughing at the montoge

  • faZe joni
    faZe joni

    Time to get girls

  • Josiah Yera
    Josiah Yera

    Reallly dude u named him a virgin

  • im that weird kid
    im that weird kid

    Jarvis you could have played rogue company along time ago😃

  • いか

    is this family friendly

  • edit kinda fast
    edit kinda fast

    The girl who said that she was gay that was a lie a girl cant be gay you have to be a boy to be gay if you are a girl that means that you are lesbian

  • Fishy brother🐟🐟
    Fishy brother🐟🐟

    Student:can I ask you a question. Teacher: what is it. Student: how do you put an elephant inside a fridge. Teacher: how I don’t know. Student: Open the fridge and put it in. Student: how do you put a donkey in the fridge teacher: Open the fridge and then put it inside student: no you open the fridge take the elephant out and then punch a donkey in

    • Fishy brother🐟🐟
      Fishy brother🐟🐟

      Put the donkey

  • sycloQT

    wait...if hes the cameraman then whos the person recording kevin???

  • Gotti Stephano
    Gotti Stephano

    Far away literally next to chick fil a😂😂

  • Lil Corey vert
    Lil Corey vert

    I’m not subbing because I want a kiss no cap lol

    • Lil Corey vert
      Lil Corey vert

      Jk I am fcourse

  • GreenAnime

    “ What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.”

  • Crush YT
    Crush YT

    Let’s go. Kevin and Vanessa will be great together. Lol

  • Samuel Joseph
    Samuel Joseph


  • Samuel Joseph
    Samuel Joseph

    Kays face tho

  • Polum

    Do Highsky next😂

  • Fort  Nerd
    Fort Nerd

    Nah it means something else but nothing yeah

  • Derilic 82
    Derilic 82


  • lexzen

    Jarvis went from fortnite cringe to a very funny youtuber

  • Landyn Burns
    Landyn Burns

    Right when I seen the end I immediately subbed

  • Angel Gallegos
    Angel Gallegos

    I didn’t subscribe Kevin gotta give me that kiss bro👀👀

  • Sasha Silva
    Sasha Silva

    2:30 😭😂😂😂😂

  • Kristobal Bonilla
    Kristobal Bonilla

    9:19 they be like aye go balls deep 💀💀

  • Nicholas Ward
    Nicholas Ward

    Good job in the fight Jarvis

  • Andi Namoni
    Andi Namoni

    Im so proud of Kevin

  • Hello guys YUP
    Hello guys YUP

    Nice job on the win

  • Elucid

    This was legit just throwing your mans on blast... for something that ain't even a huge deal..?

  • keegan smith
    keegan smith

    I cant

  • Zenu

    Frenchie fries has been working so hard he deserves it

  • Jesus loves you all
    Jesus loves you all

    Jesus loves you all

  • Jesus loves you all
    Jesus loves you all

    guys please share the Gospel and read your Bible Jesus will come and he will ask you if shared his word and had a relationship with trust in Jesus thru his Grace we are saved Jesus loves you all

  • Jannely

    “50” ????🤮🤮🥴

  • Keir

    i luv you faze jarvis plz cheat on forgnite again it was my best videos thanx


    With you don't know what a bode count is it probably cause you a kid

  • Faze sniper
    Faze sniper

    Let's gooooooo