Guess The NBA Player, Win $1,000
Guess The NBA Basketball Player, Win $1,000
ft. @FaZe Adapt @FaZe Nikan @FaZe Teeqo @HanRidge @FaZe Kay

The NBA players in this video are LeBron James, the legend Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, Steph Curry, Kawhi Leonard, Kevin Durant, Allen Iverson, Klay Thompson, Bronny, Devin Booker, Ben Simmons, Shaq, Blake Griffin, Dwayne Wayne and mor legends.

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  • Andrew tafoya
    Andrew tafoya

    How come face Jarvis ate a cricket that’s not good respect for nature

    • Andrew tafoya
      Andrew tafoya

      The f#%k

  • Anakin 624
    Anakin 624

    I’m mad Damian Lillard wasn’t in it

  • Nikku-Gunnu Fun TV
    Nikku-Gunnu Fun TV

    Hey TEEQO are u the YT er Tiko LOL

  • Cuberock124

    They need to make guess the hockey player

  • jayden noa
    jayden noa

    I want to be that cake

  • XInferno

    0:20 Idk why but I just love how he says YoguRt

  • Adam Hosein
    Adam Hosein


  • David Otu
    David Otu

    Allen iversion stupid

  • Tyler Jardine
    Tyler Jardine

    LE bron James got me cracking up

  • Mateja Krstic
    Mateja Krstic

    Where is Nikola Jokic.

  • Mathdude909 -
    Mathdude909 -

    The Steve nash one was easy

  • Arismendy Mendez
    Arismendy Mendez

    when he said alven i emedietly thinked about alven and the chimucks

  • Nash Edwards
    Nash Edwards

    My name is Nash thx faze Frazer for a shout out thx


    4:22 boy yeeted it mate

  • Bria Lewenson
    Bria Lewenson

    I love when they don’t know Alan iverson

  • terrick chang
    terrick chang

    Don’t say Jesus or God’s name and don’t swear and don’t say the word hate because Jesus don’t want you to say that. Don’t say any bad thing.

  • terrick chang
    terrick chang

    Don’t say Jesus or God’s name and don’t swear and don’t say the word hate because Jesus don’t want you to say that. Don’t say any bad thing.

  • Jonah Varkul
    Jonah Varkul

    The right side always wins

  • Elijah Saavedra
    Elijah Saavedra

    LeBroN JaMes

  • football 4life
    football 4life

    kay mash

  • Ryft jr
    Ryft jr

    Nobody: Absolutely nobody: Jarvis: Kevin Duront

    • Chris Tayeh
      Chris Tayeh

      Nah he said like… Kevin Daraant

  • Family time
    Family time

    He I couldn’t watch any more when he was about to eat it I didn’t even see if it actually eat it I don’t care for yuck

  • Ahmed Aboukoura
    Ahmed Aboukoura

    i love your cake

  • Kush Thaker
    Kush Thaker

    Kevin dUUUrant

  • Weird Unicorn
    Weird Unicorn

    Did you guys not do Damian lillard

  • ken tan
    ken tan

    Teawap: BOOM!!!

  • Jacob Rome
    Jacob Rome


  • ItsNoob

    “is shaq a basketball player?🧐🤨” -kay

  • Bailey Hunt
    Bailey Hunt

    Who noticed Frazier said mash not Nash for Steve Nash

  • NHB 628
    NHB 628

    Me: Watches the vid where Jarvis slaps Adapt Also Me: That is call karma with a capital k

  • Pakistani Thunder
    Pakistani Thunder

    Hannah saying the world would be s better plaace if you ste bugs why don't you try it then

  • Jordan Silvia
    Jordan Silvia

    You Should do guess the baby basketball player

  • MattKirby22

    Kay: Is Shaq a basketball player Me: No he plays golf

  • Enisa Seferović
    Enisa Seferović

    Nobody: Teawap:321BOOOOOOM

  • Timbers

    1:57 to 2:01 that’s what she said

  • Sharif Burghileh
    Sharif Burghileh

    Jarvis can you llease not bug the yoghurt

  • alexsander zipichev
    alexsander zipichev

    She was abt to say mahmad ali

  • Gurshaan Brar
    Gurshaan Brar

    Man I would easily win that money

  • hi ho
    hi ho

    5.40 ?

  • Jordan Spriggs
    Jordan Spriggs

    Money Jordan

  • Kellan Spisok
    Kellan Spisok

    That isn’t even the real TIko


    Jarvis I'm super proud of u

  • Jaqalen Myles
    Jaqalen Myles

    The guy in the background saying the next basketball player in boom 💥

  • Kauan Scomparin
    Kauan Scomparin


  • Ray.Hunter.Otis@

    Dude my dad is friends with Dwayne wade

    • Ray.Hunter.Otis@

      As a kid not really friends just went to same school

    • Monique Rein
      Monique Rein

      @Ray.Hunter.Otis@Mega cap

    • Ray.Hunter.Otis@

      No he is

    • Monique Rein
      Monique Rein


  • 77_savage Mobile
    77_savage Mobile

    \ \ \ \ \

  • Josiah Lopez
    Josiah Lopez

    I’m starting to think.that Hannah does not like Jarvis she likes Kay

  • James Vu
    James Vu

    6:42 I love this song

  • Tyty_ 757
    Tyty_ 757

    When Frazier and Hannah were going against each other I was literally banging my head against my phone

  • Riley Vidal
    Riley Vidal

    Jarvis play Fortnite

  • N2ToXiC JC Yours turely
    N2ToXiC JC Yours turely

    All cought in comeon

  • Jayson Tatum
    Jayson Tatum

    5:08 keltics 🤣 I’m a Celtics fan btw

  • example

    "wait shaqs a basketball player" - frazier


    Frazier full on punched that electric ball lmao

  • retro_ atomic
    retro_ atomic

    5:22 yo didn't know he was french thought he was british

  • Loryan Boyette-Tindall
    Loryan Boyette-Tindall

    kay said mash

  • SS LMG Shotgun ‘
    SS LMG Shotgun ‘

    When you said Dwayne that is my name

  • Yuzuki Isa
    Yuzuki Isa

    Hannah has cake on cake

  • McKenzie Yarborough
    McKenzie Yarborough

    he said mash not nash

  • Sulaiman

    This series kinda entertaining

  • Avshalum Sosunov
    Avshalum Sosunov

    I Allen Iverson I know so many basketball players I watch it

  • DomDominator87

    nikan, that was way to sus. Nikan : Hannah you got cake on cake. cmon man!!

  • DudeDesent

    On Kay’s round it said king James on his rubber band

  • Clouds

    Hannah not ur cake 4:34 lol

  • Aziza Parveen
    Aziza Parveen

    Do football players

  • Dave Gennusa
    Dave Gennusa

    Think of A.I. Alan inversion

  • lil t
    lil t

    01:38 Frazier really thought Shaq makes memes 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • yasmin JK
    yasmin JK

    My names Mohamed it’s only one m not 2

  • Maddox Mero
    Maddox Mero

    5:22 I thought it was T-mac

  • John Hislop
    John Hislop

    Faze Kay if he was France. Kay:I would like the LeBron special pleass

  • Danny wit Christ
    Danny wit Christ

    I’m encouraging ya to get right with God before it’s too late late and repent of your sins

  • E1S3

    Pls make a guess a soccer player


    I’ve got every single one right

  • love you Lord
    love you Lord

    God Jesus and The Holy Spirit is great

  • Linear Donut
    Linear Donut

    Faze Kay said Steve mash

  • Yo Low
    Yo Low

    8:53 I have that hairstyle

  • Canaan Culberson
    Canaan Culberson

    Is it just me or did faze Kay say Steve mash

  • Fas playz
    Fas playz

    James harlan with the way back

  • lalruatsanga thlauhthang
    lalruatsanga thlauhthang

    Dafuq... How can you don't know AI... My hero

  • Vanilla ice
    Vanilla ice

    Is it me or does Milan flirt with Hannah because cake on cake

  • Xavier Moten
    Xavier Moten

    Bro I literally guessed steph curry before the picture even piped up

  • Daniel Hany Nagah
    Daniel Hany Nagah

    2:53 I love how teawap just screams’BOOM’

  • Sabriye Haji
    Sabriye Haji

    6:52 to 7:10 was tooo much

  • Osamu - Roblox
    Osamu - Roblox

    So hard

  • Kevin Unique
    Kevin Unique


  • Calvin_games9

    My dogs name is Dennis like Dennis rodman

  • Edwin Eriksson
    Edwin Eriksson

    Next tap it guess the rap song by emojis :)

  • sebastian gonzalez
    sebastian gonzalez

    botherd me that kay said steve nash but said steve mash

  • sum1XD

    next up: Guess the rappers name spelling wins ps5 and xbox series X

  • Andy Singh
    Andy Singh


  • BalanceUrShit

    2:32 *uhh*

  • Aashrith Adimulam
    Aashrith Adimulam

    What is the song that and Steve nash

  • Big-Psycho-S1ickYT

    Ai is Alan iversin

  • Lil Despise
    Lil Despise

    I’m sitting here like I could have won so easy

  • Sohaib Abid
    Sohaib Abid

    i got all right

  • King lion gaming
    King lion gaming

    Do guess NBA players but emojis

  • Juan Carlos Pinlac
    Juan Carlos Pinlac

    5:02 Teawap: Just tell me the name of his team Hannah: FaZe Banks Me: O_O

  • Jud Spears
    Jud Spears

    I was crying the entire time dude.

  • Rene Machado
    Rene Machado


  • ッEX!T-

    how to get a head ach in a second 7:10